Sugarcane juice shop can you make employed

Getting Sarkari or well-known public sector jobs has become very hard and time-consuming. There are many ways you can be employed and earn huge money by opening many shops with a small investment. Sugarcane Juice is one of the tasty and healthy drinks that can be included in the business. This article will benefit you if you wish to open a sugarcane juice shop.

Sugarcane Juice is very popular.

Sugar cane juice is one of the best natural drinking things on the market. People are moving to it from cold drinks made from soda because they are unhealthy. So, people are looking for fruit juice, cold beverages made by kinds of a mil,k, etc. Sugarcane Juice is one of the best options for test and health. And peoples are ready to pay for fruit juice. However, sugar cane is very cheap compared to fruits.

In summer, people in India drink cold drinks. If they got Sugarcane juice instead of the branded product, they would prioritize it. Because everywhere it’s not got availability. If you can make it available, you are boom; your business can compete with any relevant shops. sugarcane juice shop

How profitable is Sugarcane Juice

As we have mentioned, the sugar cane price is lower than that of fruits. But the cost of the juice is almost equivalent. So, you can imagine how much you can earn. In my local area in West Bengal, I asked a Sugarcane juice seller, and he told me that he brought raw sugarcane for INR 5.5 per kilo and could extract two glasses of juice. And sell for Rs 15 each glass. And the other expenditure is Rs 2 for orange, two Thermo flask glasses, and salt. To serve two drinks, he needs not more than 10 INR. So his profit is RS 20 out of 30. So, you can imagine how much he earns.

He sells juices for around 2.5 to 3 k INR in a day. On occasion and hot days, he does more business.

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How to open Suger Cane Juice Shop

Here, we are not talking about the high level of business. If you wish to open a tiny or mobile shop with a van, follow the following.

  • Take Lincee from the local governing body.
  • Now buy a sugarcane juice extractor machine.
  • Buy some pots; You can also buy reverberators for cooling.
  • Buy or rent a van if you wish to make mobile business mode.
  • Buy some pot and sieve.
  • Of course, use an intelligent dress that indicates cleanness and food safety awareness that people can trust.

How much money to invest

to start the Sugarcane Juice business, the investment depends on the quality product you want to use and the amenities you wish to provide. If you’re going to make it a Sugarcane Juice bar, then you have to spend huge money, but if you’re going to make it very small, then you can able to make it for just 50 thousand. Do market research before doing this business in your locality. Hopefully, it will make me employed. Also, you can give us your Idea in the comment box.

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